Increase Your Chance to Quit by Speaking with a Doctor

Why you should talk to a doctor

Did you know that speaking to a doctor about quitting can increase your chance of success?

Smokers can find it challenging to quit. Nicotine – the main addictive chemical in cigarette smoke – helps to trigger the release of dopamine in the brain, which makes us feel good. When smokers stop smoking, they also stop getting the associated dopamine hit and this can cause withdrawal symptoms that push smokers back to cigarettes.

For many smokers, quitting will be difficult but with a personal commitment, high-quality support and evidence-based treatment you can be successful.

One of the factors that makes a big difference to quit success rates is seeking advice from a doctor. But recent data shows only around 6% of smokers ask their doctor for help to quit.

Several studies have demonstrated this effect, and a Cochrane Review published in 2008 looked at all the available evidence to measure this effect. The review found that even brief advice from a doctor can increase quit rates by up to 50%.

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