How Quitting Smoking Elevates Your Mental Well-Being

We all know smoking is bad for us. It affects our physical health and mental well-being, not to mention our budget. Deciding to quit and taking that first step will change your life.

October is Mental Health Month and here at Quitmate, we want to focus on and celebrate the improvements quitting smoking will have on your mental well-being.

So, what can you expect to experience after you take the first step?

As you begin your journey, your body will need to slowly adjust to the reduced nicotine levels. This can cause mood swings as you start to withdraw. Withdrawal symptoms can last between 2-4 weeks; however, this can vary from person to person. Once you are past this initial period, your sense of joy, contentment and general well-being will increase because of the rebalancing of your endorphin, dopamine and serotonin levels.

Although smoking a cigarette provides a sense of relaxation by relieving cravings, nicotine itself actually has the opposite effect; it makes a person more anxious. As you progress through your journey, your body will adjust to the lower levels of nicotine and that will result in reduced tension and anxiety.

Another benefit to a person’s mental health as they quit smoking cigarettes is improved moods. Initially you will experience nicotine withdrawals that can lead to mood swings, but once these symptoms subside, individuals have reported that their mood is more positive and stable, ultimately enhancing your emotional well-being.

Getting better quality sleep at night can have a major impact on a person’s overall mood. Smoking has many negative effects on your sleeping. Quitting smoking allows your sleep patterns to return to normal and enhances your sleep quality, both of which will result in a greater sense of happiness and well-being.

Ultimately completing a quit smoking journey is a huge accomplishment and can boost an individual’s self-esteem and self-confidence. This can contribute to the overall mental well-being and positive mind set for a person who has completed their quit smoking journey.

In summary, there are both physical and mental benefits to quitting cigarettes. There are major upsides to a person’s mental well-being as they go through their quit smoking journey, and even greater positives once the journey has been completed. If you are seeking to start your journey, take the Quitmate Treatment Quiz or talk to an expert today!