New Vaping Legislation Are Now in Effect

The Australian Federal Government announced late 2023 the timeline and legislation of banning single use vapes in Australia. The new legislation has passed, and the importation of single use vapes will be banned.  

The Federal Government also announced a new Special Access Scheme. This scheme also passed and allows health practitioners to prescribe therapeutic vaping products, where they believe it is clinically appropriate. 

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There are further changes expected to commence from 1 March 2024 including: 

  • Cessation of the personal importation of vapes. 
  • Importation bans on non-therapeutic vapes. 
  • Importers and manufacturers will be required to notify the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of therapeutic vape product’s are compliant with the relevant product standards. 
  • Importers are required to obtain a license and permit from the Australian Government’s Office of Drug Control before the products are imported. 

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How Quitmate can help you 

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